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[ PAPER TOWNS ] BY Green, John ( AUTHOR )Oct-16-2008 ( Hardcover )
John Green
Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Dark Canopy
Jennifer Benkau
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Stephen King, David Nathan
Das zweite Gesicht - Kai Meyer Nummer 176 von 666 signierten ExemplarenUnd damit ist meine signierte Kai Mayer Sammlung um ein Exemplar reicher :)
One Day - David Nicholls It was OK, but couldn´t keep my interest, so maybe I´m going to pick it up another time.
Fate (Fate #1) - Elizabeth Reyes This is like a drug. I can´t get enough of Elizabeth Reyes books and am glad to have them all on kindle already.Geez, this woman know how to write a good lovestory without being too cheesy or too obvious with it´s direction. It has twists and turns and heartbreak and love... so much love.
Gio (5th Street, #2) - Elizabeth Reyes Smiling... with tears in my eyes.Loved it.
Hades - Alexandra Adornetto just realized that it took me exactly 1 year to pick up this book again... speaks for itself. it was. nice story after all, but didn't live up to my expectations and was kinda ruined by this "merry" ending...still, I need to know how the story continues.
Destined  - Aprilynne Pike oh dear, what a bittersweet final chapter. *sniff* I love the feeling of finality it leaves behind and am very glad this lovely series ended the way it did.
Nevermore (Maximum Ride, #8) - James Patterson I'm still sad that such a great and thrilling trilogy turned into this fanfiction-kind of series... but all in all I think this book was a good final story and had everything in it that I was hoping for. still I can't help but feel disappointed for this book was just barely better than the rest...

Enchanted, Inc.

Enchanted, Inc. - Shanna Swendson "Enchanted inc." is a fun little magical story about a young women struggling in life with a job she doesn't like, a non existing love life and the occasional weird encounter with strange looking people. She soon discovers the existence of magic and takes a pretty big part in a magical battle of good vs bad, side by side with a pretty hot co-worker and Merlin himself. I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to dive into the follow-up.

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - Hmm... Das war also "Insurgent". Vermutlich mal wieder zu viel erwartet nach diesem wundervollen ersten Band. Jedenfalls fiel es mir zunächst recht schwer in die Geschichte reinzufinden, ebenso schwer wie mit dem "Faction" Chaos so richtig klarzukommen oder Tris Entscheidungen irgendwie folgen zu wollen.Als Hauptfigur ist sie mir im Verlauf des Buches irgendwie unsympathisch geworden, weil ich Figuren die zu heroisch sind einfach mal überhaupt nicht ab kann. Aus diesen Gründen jedenfalls konnte mich das Buch nicht ganz so in seinen Bann reißen wie es "Divergent" geschafft hatte, auch wenn Band 2 wieder mal nicht aus der Hand zu legen war.
Stadt, Land, Kuss - Cathy Woodman, Nathalie Lemmens war ja dann doch ganz gut und aber trotzdem zum Glück kostenlos.
The Alchemy of Forever (Incarnation #1) - Avery Williams 4.5 rating.I really loved the story in this book and can't wait to see how it'll continue... ugh! ;-)
Schicksalsbande  - Richelle Mead, Michaela Link a really good ending to a really good series
Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins wow, I didn't think I would love it as much as I did. Stephanie Perkins managed too write another amazing book and love story. The main characters where once again absolutely charming and loveable. I was easily drawn into the story, and even though there where a lot of similarities to other young adult love stories, this one still managed to be kind of unique.Most important (for me anyways) it mentions figure skating!!! definitely worth the five star rating from me... I loved this book and I can easily recommend it to everyone who craves a happy ending love story for a short while entertainment.
The Fault in Our Stars - John Green thank you john green. thank you for yet another impressive work of yours and thank you for writing this book. I think this is your best one yet.I'm still shaking and crying and thinking and still not beeing able to fully grasp it. it's one of those books with these amazing characters that just suck you in because they're so lovely. I don't possibly know where to start, and so many others said it much better before, so I just don't write a review at all. this book should speak for itself.this story is so sad yet beautiful, leaving you hanging and thinking in the end, yet satisfied and fulfilled.I am so happy to have read this book.thank you
Blutschwur  - Richelle Mead, Michaela Link I finished this book with a sad feeling, because somehow the way I feel about this series just changed. For one thing I couldn't come to terms with the way Rose changed through her journey. Especially since I really loved old Rose. I hated the Novosibirsk thing with the hunters, rose's search and Dimitri... or not hate really. But somehow disliked it, a lot. Addicted Rose is just not something I did enjoy...I don't know how to describe it but this series started to change and I'm not sure if I want to continue at this point... In other terms its still a good book and a nice read and probably a must if you like this series so far...
If I Die - Rachel Vincent I´m so happy with this book!! :)Loved it