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[ PAPER TOWNS ] BY Green, John ( AUTHOR )Oct-16-2008 ( Hardcover )
John Green
Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Dark Canopy
Jennifer Benkau
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Stephen King, David Nathan

Passion (Lauren Kate's Fallen Series #3)

Passion - Lauren Kate That was disappointing.After a really great 2nd book, Passion, just kind of lacked a really great plot and action.I finished the book last night and now try to recall what happend, but all I can really remember are endless days of timetraveling.Usually I am a big fan of timetraveling. I don´t know why, but I just love the idea of it. But unfortunately there are very very few good and believable describtions in books I´ve read so far. And this one is no exception either. We don´t really get to see any other character throughout the book than Luce. And a book full of Luce trying to find out why she loves the love of her life and if she loves him and if it´s right that she loves him and why this curse is upon them and blah blah blah. A lot of whining, doubting and realising and in the end we´re right back where we started and nothing really changed. All that really mattered happend in the last chapters, but didn´t really do much to highlight the plot.All in all, it´s a nice read. Definitely a must, if you want to know how the story continues. But I think I´m glad that the next book is going to be the last one of this series.