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[ PAPER TOWNS ] BY Green, John ( AUTHOR )Oct-16-2008 ( Hardcover )
John Green
Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Dark Canopy
Jennifer Benkau
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Stephen King, David Nathan

Rules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction - Simone Elkeles "Rules of Attraction" is a wonderful sequel in the "Perfect Chemistry" trilogy.We follow Alex´ younger brother Carlos and the etwas different Kiara through a story that has a lot of obvious parallels to the first book but manages to stand alone.At first I was a bit dissapointed that the story is no longer centered around Alex Fuentes and his girlfriend Brittanny but you quickly start to get along with the new characters; and they´re just as addictive. I liked the fact that Simone Elkeles tried to make the story different and didn´t wrote too many similarities to the first book. She didn´t always manage to completely avoid it but it didn´t really bother me.I really really loved the idea of Keira being a stutter and having to see a speech therapist. Maybe it´s just me, because I am a speech therapist, but I thought it gave the character a nice vulnerable touch.All in all I really liked this book. It was a nice amusing read with enough romantic, lovy-dovy, drama and hot guys to keep my interest. (Also if you haven´t already I´d suggest you watch the book trailer... it definitely gives you the best inside look you can get)