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[ PAPER TOWNS ] BY Green, John ( AUTHOR )Oct-16-2008 ( Hardcover )
John Green
Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Dark Canopy
Jennifer Benkau
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Stephen King, David Nathan

Kisses from Hell

Kisses from Hell - 'Kristin Cast',  'Richelle Mead',  'Kelley Armstrong',  'Alyson Noel',  'Francesca Lia Block' Ok. So I enjoyed Richelle Mead´s story. It was a nice read and unique in some kind of way. Never read a book of hers before, but definitely like to do that now.Alyson Noel is an author I just can´t read anymore. I don´t know why but it was really hard to keep on reading.It started off weird and kept weird and I couldn´t really get into the story at all. Don´t even want to speak about the characters...Didn´t finish Kristin Cast´s story. Lost any interest at all.I liked only the first part of Kelley Armstrong´s short story. But it got really weird later on and I lost interest and then it ended out of the sudden. But ok, it´s a short story, but I didn´t expected it to be that short. Francesca Lia Block was an author I looked forward to read something about. But am not so sure about that anymore. There was nothing unique or interesting about this story. Just random stuff happening one after another and not really making sense in my opinion. This is just the way I see it.