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[ PAPER TOWNS ] BY Green, John ( AUTHOR )Oct-16-2008 ( Hardcover )
John Green
Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Dark Canopy
Jennifer Benkau
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Stephen King, David Nathan
Arkadien, Band 1: Arkadien erwacht - Kai Meyer It sounds like a mixture of „Romeo and Juliet“, „The Godfather“ and „Twilight“. A cheesy romance between two young people from families that are enemies for centuries now and all of that is overshadowed by a dark mysterious secret.But “Arkadien erwacht” (Arkadien awakes) is more than you would expect first. While using old and known elements from familiar stories Kai Meyer manages successfully to create a new and thrilling world that the reader can fully sink in and let us fight along with the characters until the very last page.Who expects something similar to Meyer´s other Child- and Youth books will most likely be a bit disappointed. Because from a sweet romance and the problems of a teenage girl the story leads us to a bloody power struggle and dark intrigues of the mafia; and main character Rosa is always in the middle of it. But “Arkadien erwacht” doesn´t need bloomy paraphrases to capture the reader’s interest, because this book scores with incomparable richness on details as well as a mixture of reality and fantasy that make this book to something special.“Arkadien erwacht” is definitely an exciting Kick-off for a breathtaking series and leaves the reader on the edge of their seat waiting for the sequels.I gave “Arkadien erwacht” 4 out of 5 stars because I know that the sequels will be even better.